LEAP.digital.transformation.jpgDuring EMC World in May, EMC’s Enterprise Content Division (ECD) hosted its annual Momentum User Conference, where 1,000 customers and partners were introduced to LEAP.

As digital transformation targets today's progressive enterprises, digital technologies are revolutionizing the way we live and work. From smartphones and tablets to smart thermostats and driverless cars, the world is changing at a breathtaking pace.

Whether we like it or not, this digital transformation is driving enterprises to take great leaps toward new levels of operational efficiency, with firms in today's digital transformation age facting a number of challenges that now cross the creation, storage, management and disposition of records and information. 

Documentum Webtop to D2

What is LEAP?

According to Rohit Ghai, President, Enterprise Content Division at EMC, LEAP is the realization of our vision for next-generation content management, previously known as Project Horizon. LEAP a fundamentally different approach to ECM and to other solutions currently in the market. 

Typically ECM systems have been feature-rich, monolithic and on-premises platforms, heavily focused on business and IT requirements. However, with EMC LEAP, the company reports it is taking an un-ECM approach – focusing on targeted, purpose-built and modular apps that are designed cloud-first and address both business and user requirements. Specifically, with LEAP, EMC has announced the following capabilities:

  • A suite of intuitive, purpose-built enterprise content apps that provide effortless engagement with content and solve digital business challenges.
  • A new product family – including both EMC and third-party content apps, a modular platform – that transforms interactions with business content and accelerates digital transformation.
  • Five apps that are designed to work with any content repository, but are engineered to work “better together” with the Documentum family of content management products.
  • A new customer and partner program that includes a revolutionary customer loyalty benefit, providing free access to specific apps for existing Documentum customers.

Humanizing The Content Experience

EMC’s goal with the EMC LEAP family is to humanize the experience of interacting with business content. 

Why? According to EMC, the company believes that intuitive, and purpose-built apps drive engagement across customers, employees, partners and suppliers. This level of engagement enables superior customer service, greater agility and new business opportunities, and is a key marker of a successful digital business.

A few things to know about LEAP:
  • Transformation without migration: Designed to work with existing repositories, so you can avoid the cost and time of migration. Supports integration with frontend and backend systems, based on modern architecture, standards such as REST and CMIS, and separation of data and services layers.
  • Intuitive Design: User experience can be configured to specific use cases in minutes. Purpose-built, lightweight apps that focus users on their most important tasks. Consistently great experience across all devices.
  • Content exchange without the chaos: Exchanging documents with others within a business process is a frequent requirement. Think mortgage application or insurance claim. LEAP Courier optimizes document exchange, giving every participant a visually rich and contextual experience. Status is clearly visible. Everyone can track progress with helpful visual cues and stay on top of tasks.

LEAP.digital.transformation.2016.jpgLEAPing Forward

According to EMC, LEAP content apps are just the beginning. Where this path takes the emerging digital enterprise of today - and tomorrow - seems limited only by the enterprise itself.


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One thing is certain, organizations are driving to leap better, faster, smarter in operational performance, enterprise-wide efficiency and seamless organizational collaboration. In this drive, adopting LEAP Apps to embrace the digital transformation era will expose the enterprise to new opportunities. Stay tuned...