Implementing eSignatures into your company’s mobile solutions can greatly boost customer satisfaction, which in turn gives your brand free advertising every time someone mentions how convenient it is. When you make eSignatures available through your enterprise mobile technology solution, you give your users the ability to sign documents on their mobile devices rather than signing a piece of paper that they have to send in the mail, scan and email, fax or physically deliver. This heightens convenience and makes transactions a breeze, even when customers are away from their desktop computers and laptops. Once you consider all the benefits of eSignature mobile technology, you will start to wonder why you weren’t using it before. Here are just a few main points that illustrate the value of implementing eSignatures into your mobile offerings:

Fast and Easy Executive Approval

If your company is thinking about hiring business strategy consultantsIf an executive’s approval should ever be required to move forward with a project, but the executive in question is on vacation, away on business or otherwise unavailable in person, having the ability to have them sign the necessary document on a mobile device will significantly improve cycle time and time to close.

Customer Signatures Without Waiting

There are many situations that require customers to sign documents before they can make a purchase. Take, for example, a vehicle purchase. A mobile content management system with eSignature capabilities can make this a faster and less stressful process. If a potential customer is applying for the required car insurance to purchase a new vehicle on the spot, having the ability to complete the transaction in real time via a mobile device allows that customer to purchase the vehicle without having to wait on paper transactions. This makes the customer happy, the car insurance company happy and the vehicle dealership happy.

Seamless Standard Document Preparation

Chances are your company has a number of standardized documents that people use every day. A good enterprise content management system will make it possible to create templates that can be used again and again, and once you have eSignature technology implemented, routine authorizations can be processed at the press of a button without any delays or worries. The signature line will be embedded into your electronic document templates, so customers, clients, executives and other signers can complete required documents without hassle.

Safety and Security to Ease Everyone’s Mind

There are some concerns over the security features on mobile devices, but with eSignature technology, security risks are minimal. The safety, security, and defensibility of this technology are known to be top-notch. For high value or high risk contracts you can implement a feature requiring signers to register their intent and confirm their willingness to use the digital signature option, helping to minimize disputes. If you’re not sure how to implement additional security features like this, there are mobile technology consultants who can help.

No More Pen, Ink or Paper Required

Once you have implemented eSignatures into your mobile technology solutions, you can replace ink signatures on paper with the digital format customers have grown increasingly familiar with. Once it’s said and done, all parties are left with a copy of the signed document that is conveniently stored in the cloud, as well both parties’ electronic records management systems. It will take up less space and be much easier to access than a piece of paper filed locally, or at an off-site records retention facility. If anyone ever needs a paper copy, it can easily be printed with the authorized signature already in place.

These are just a few of the benefits that eSignature implementation can provide, which will greatly enhance your company’s enterprise content management capabilities, increase customer satisfaction and ultimately improve your bottom line. If you don’t have the internal expertise and technology resources to implement eSignatures right now, mobile technology consulting is available to make it happen in no time.

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