The implementation of eSignatures has become one of the most valuable enterprise content management solutions for businesses in the 21st century. If you aren’t taking advantage of this and other advances in mobile technology to streamline your content management processes, you are doing a huge disservice to your customers and to your business as a whole. It’s possible to increase customer satisfaction, simplify internal processes and ultimately make your organization more productive and profitable with effective implementation of eSignatures.

The Benefits of Implementing eSignatures

Implementing eSignatures into your enterprise content management services can provide a host of benefits to your organization, your bottom line and your employees. Most importantly, eSignatures can help keep your customers happy, including both external and internal customers. Just consider a few of the powerful benefits that eSignatures can provide:

  • Faster turnaround for customers
  • Less paperwork
  • Reduced shipping costs
  • Simplified user experience

For external customers, eSignatures provide powerful mobile solutions that simplify the process of making contract changes, making it ultimately more convenient and less frustrating to do business with you. This may apply to things like adding a new beneficiary to an existing life insurance policy, for example, which can be very aggravating, stressful and time-consuming when the only option is to print, sign and send the signature, and then wait for a response. When it comes to internal customers, team members or business partners, businesses can also use eSignatures to streamline internal approvals. Getting all the necessary signatures for approval on things like budget decisions is much easier and faster, more accurate and less risky than using internal memos, emails and other old-fashioned tools. An eSignature program will even ensure that no one can make changes to an approved contract or budget once all signatures are received.

The Best Approach to Implementing eSignatures

The first step to implementing an effective eSignature application is making sure your organization has an appropriate enterprise content management (ECM) system in the first place. Your ECM must be set up in such a way that the processes for gathering, managing, accessing and allocating information and other digital assets are simple and straight forward, even when authorized users are out of the office or out of the country. If your ECM is lacking, do not worry. Experienced consultants can be very beneficial in this stage of planning, development, training and implementation. An enterprise content management consulting firm will begin by assessing your current enterprise content management strategies, and recommend what software products and other tools are working for you and what products are not providing a return on the investment. They will also be able to help you through implementing and customizing enterprise content management systems and applications, including eSignature tools, adhering to industry specific and ECM best practices.

The final component of a well-implemented system of enterprise content management solutions is an electronic signature platform. This framework of hardware and software utilizes mobile technology to capture signatures in the branch, in the office, in the field or anywhere else customers and major players may be. Every organization has different needs in terms of signatures and contract processing, though, which is why a consulting team can be so beneficial when implementing these new technologies. They can make sure your organization is developing the right kind of eSignature environment for the unique needs of your customers and employees. Once you have a well-designed and properly implemented eSignature application in your enterprise content management system, everyone will be happier and more satisfied for it.