IDMP-White-Paper-Cover.pngIdentification of Medicinal Products (IDMP) is a hot topic these days – for good reason. 

IDMP will connect medicinal products with structured descriptive information -  and enhance patient safety by concise description of components of products.  

But it will not be easy for companies to assemble, confirm and submit all the required data elements  by compliance dates. Full IDMP compliance will require approximately 500 elements per product,  and these elements typically reside in structured and unstructured data stores often across many functional groups within your enterprise.

Pulling these elements together for multiple  products can become very complex quickly, and companies usually realize they have dramatically under-estimated the time and resources needed to reach full IDMP compliance.   

An IDMP Pilot program is the best way to get started

Download our white paper “IDMP – How a Pilot Program Can Help Answer the Questions of Data Sources and Costs to Compliance.”Questions of Data Sources and Costs to Compliance.” 

As we have experienced in running pilot programs for our clients, a properly run pilot program can help you select a broad subset of your product portfolio – and help you assemble the IDMP data elements for each product. It will help your organization identify where elements reside – as well as identify gaps that will need  to be resolved.  With Paragon's guidance, an IDMP pilot program will allow you to accurately estimate the costs and level of effort, and infrastructure improvements that will be needed to reach full IDMP compliance for all your products.