healthcare.payer.communicationsOnce upon a time, healthcare payer communications with members was transaction-oriented and compliance driven. Today, as the healthcare landscape embraces personalized communications technologies and effective engagement strategies, member communications are evolving – for the better.

With members taking greater control of their health, payers need to arm members with relevant information via a communication platform equipped to deliver superior personalized value.

As payers survey their existing engagement programs and capabilities in providing communications, ideally the following questions should be weighed:

  • Do we have multiple communications platforms to engage members effectively?
  • Do we have relevant, timely content campaigns – and is our content consistent?
  • Are we sharing personalized communications?
  • Are we building well-constructed dialogs with members with our communications?
  • Are we generating and building trust with our members by delivering effective content?
  • Are we optimizing centralized communications with multi-channel distribution capabilities?
  • Are we populating and promoting a marketing resource center to offer quick, targeted information to members?
  • Do we employ a customer-centric communications strategy dedicated to the member’s experience, engagement…and compliance?

What are 5 ways healthcare payers embrace member communications today?

  • Payers deploy centralized communications utilizing a localized platform capable of multi-channel distribution enables quick, targeted communications while lowering operational costs.
  • Payers become consumer-centric by providing timely, relevant information today’s increasingly tech-savvy members. With all of today’s technology innovations, there’s a seemingly limitless sea of data now at everyone’s fingertips.
  • Payers create genuine dialogues with members, whether via direct mail, email, social media, mobile or video.
  • Organizations improve member satisfaction with thoughtful energy and dedicated strategy fueling personalized engagement and consistent outreach communications. Why? Improved communication means better service and patient engagement, and ultimately results in improved treatment and health outcomes.
  • Organizations utilize solutions that allow payers to aggregate data across an organization – allowing for better management and a 360-degree view of every member.

As the healthcare environment continues to evolve and healthcare payers engage new levels of member communications, deeper connections between healthcare payers and their members will be established.

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