enterprise.legal.management.2017.trends.jpgToday's legal departments are rapidly evolving to accommodate a greater volume of vital enterprise responsibilities.

The result? For today's digital organizations, legal departments are assuming a far more complexed and diverse role when it comes to management of enterprise information. 

  • Enterprise Legal Management
  • Case and Matter Management
  • Spend Management
  • Contract Management
  • Records Management
  • eDiscovery
  • Intellectual Property Management
    (Patent and Trademark Management)

Legal departments in nearly every industry are experiencing unprecedented levels of activity. Much activity is derived from increases in the following areas: M&A Patent Protection, Regulatory Compliance and Contract Performance Management. 

Enterprise.Legal.Management.Assessment.jpgRising to the Challenge? 

When it comes to the demands of legal organizations serving Life Sciences firms, several objective questions are in order to determine if operational processes and best practices are rising to the challenge of doing business in an age of enterprise digital disruption. 

  1. Is your organization creating visibility into all legal-related activities including Legal Matter, Spend, Contracts and Intellectual Property via integrated technology platform and supporting systems and processes, as well as integration with other enterprise solutions including ERP to ensure alignment with purchasing and invoicing data and processes?
  2. Does your legal team function with collaboration capabilities to ensure internal counsel can work with external partners or entities in a controlled and secure environment?
  3. Is it important, to enterprise leadership, to ensure aggregation and management of all matter-related information and correspondence via integrated systems and processes that provide the ability to publish to or associate information with each matter, and to easily locate information against an appropriate security model?
  4. Is monitoring matter status and driving collaboration via reporting and analytics, and subscription capabilities, on your enterprise agenda right now?
  5. Is your legal organization eliminating contract lapses, and improving negotiating position and partner prioritization by contract performance reporting and analytics, as well as alerting your organization for upcoming contract expirations?
  6. Is your legal team implementing solutions with a centralized data and information repository, optimizing collaboration capabilities, prosecution workflow management and docketing management?
  7. True or false? Looking at the way your company operates today, is your legal organization enabled to leverage automatic discovery of information across the organization and measure and assess this data predefined business rules to identify relevance and other characteristics related to an audit, or other legal action?

Digital Discovery

These are drivers for legal departments at this time. 

Today's increasingly digital enterprises are realizing it is not enough to rely on disparate, siloed systems to manage information throughout the enterprise. Is your legal department's optimization of Enterprise Legal Management technologies meeting today's complex challenges?

CommentBox_2.jpgWhat do you think about driving trends in Enterprise Legal Management today? Got questions on how to implement new strategies, technologies and practices? Let us know your thoughts, questions or experiences below in our Leave a Comment section!