enterprise.content.management.cloud.2016.jpgThe cloud is not just about storage, cost savings, mobile access and flexibility. The cloud represents a unique opportunity to rethink and reconfigure how business processes can evolve.

In AIIM's whitepaper, Harness the Power of the Cloud to Amplify the Value of Enterprise Content Management, the position explored is that in today’s digital world, remaining competitive and relevant requires agility and the ability to meet customer requirements and expectations in near real time. 

As cloud applications continue to mature in both feature and security strength, business leaders are becoming more comfortable with making them part of their digital transformation strategy, according to AIIM research.

The discussion, AIIM contends, is now turning from “should we use cloud” to “how and where can we best use cloud.” In surveying individual members of the AIIM community using a web-based tool, based on invitations to take the survey sent via email to a selection of AIIM’s 193,000 registered individuals, AIIM recorded the following cloud sentiments - with a focus on Enterprise Content Management (ECM) views.

What were key AIIM takeaways of the cloud survey?
  • 67% of organizations polled by AIIM stated that ECM/DM (Document Management) is mission-critical to their responsiveness. 54% cited RM (Records Management) and 40% capture and workflow as mission critical.
  • A third indicated they would suffer serious disruption after an outage of just one hour, and 58% would struggle after half a day of downtime.
  • It would seem that an excellent entry point into the cloud is ECM, as 67% of respondents indicated that ECM has mission critical status.
  • Nearly three-quarters of those who did make the move to cloud reported saving money, though 15% indicated they did not move to cloud simply to save money, instead pointing to the key benefits of improved access and collaboration.
  • Findings indicated that deploying ECM in the cloud can offer the flexibility and secure access to content that is needed, providing a means to access vital information from any device, any location, and at any time day or night. 
enterprise.content.management.cloud.trends.2016.jpgIn today’s digital world, remaining competitive and relevant requires agility and the ability to meet customer needs in near real time.

Mobility, file sync and share, and integration into varied leading business applications in support of a digital transformation strategy is not only conceivable, they are achievable with cloud-based ECM. The key, according to AIIM, is to identify areas of opportunity to securely extend the ECM environment. In fact, AIIM advises organizations to look for opportunities in the following areas with ECM in the cloud:

  • Access to, and interaction with, any content type, anywhere, at any time, on any device, supports and enables collaboration between workers and interactions with partners and suppliers outside of the corporate firewall.
  • Deployment of a common content management system optimized for maximum business results ensures the latest product versions are in place across the enterprise at all times.
  • Ability to comment, share, edit, view, and annotate content by internal and external parties streamlines operational efficiencies and increases effectiveness.
  • Expansion from basic content management to highly targeted solutions such as case, governance, and industry specific solutions ensures the level of functionality is where you need it, when you need it.
  • Enable organizational elasticity for faster turn around and business agility to meet the growing demands created by both customers and users.
  • Controlled access and monitoring capabilities prevent unauthorized access while recording all activities related to business content.

Cloud Culture

AIIM reports moving toward cloud as part of an enterprise information ecosystem is a major change for any organization, one that comes with inherent cultural reluctance. However, according to AIIM, as the user community and department heads become more comfortable with cloud, cultural adoption takes hold and the transition becomes much smoother. The result is a shift from reluctance and objections to embracement and suggestions for cloud use and the enterprise value it brings. 

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