Today, archiving is no longer an afterthought. With the data explosion of recent years, data archiving has come to the forefront as organizations work to maintain hosts of systems that produce diverse types of data.

In enterprise archiving, the final-form of information is transferred from operational business applications to a central enterprise archive. Once this information has been archived, it is available to everyone who needs it. The enterprise archive can support a wide spectrum of business applications, as well as the various information types that they generate. 

enterprise.archiving.advantages-1Enterprise archiving benefits businesses and government agencies with five critical advantages.

  1. Ensuring regulatory compliance for data retention, data immutability and audit trails.
  2. Improving performance of current business applications – increasing operational productivity.
  3. Making archived information widely available and easy to retrieve by authorized users.
  4. Removing the burden and complexity of maintaining obsolete systems solely for their data.
  5. Reducing costs and time for back-up, upgrades and database tuning. 

Right now, archived information is of great value to organizations, therefore maintaining and protecting its accessibility is mission critical. 

To operate efficiently, organizations must gain control and governance of their IT portfolios and establish a solid data archiving strategy with an optimized IT infrastructure to manage content, ensuring all data is accessible and actionable. 

The benefits of archiving are beyond dispute.

data-archiving-cloudSignificant cost reductions can be achieved by adopting a holistic enterprise archive platform.

With trends in information storage moving more to cloud computing, big data and information protection, organizations require complete solutions for enterprise archiving that are built to allow the user to find the information they need - regardless of the application that created it. 


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