For the nearly two decades Paragon Solutions has been a strategic partner with EMC’s Enterprise Content Division (ECD), the company has continually invested in developing innovative, integrated solutions and technology frameworks that improve time to value for clients. 

EMC has, in turn, afforded Paragon the opportunity to participate in many new platform releases, as well as play an instrumental role in identifying client use cases to assist in defining and developing new product roadmaps.  Paragon then brings this knowledge to the client to enable enterprises to envision how implementation of EMC solutions and technologies best fit into their businesses. 

Doug Vargo, Vice President of Information Management at Paragon Solutions, provides his insights on how EMC technologies are enabling firms to control the exponential increase of data and content enterprises are struggling to manage — and how Paragon is developing purpose-built solutions on the EMC suite to achieve information management and governance.

Paragon is a business and technology consulting firm that specializes in enterprise information management to help clients achieve better business results. In your interactions with CIOs of leading companies, what sense do you get of the challenges they face? How does Paragon help them overcome these challenges?

Doug.Vargo.EMC.Landscape.EIM.jpgDoug Vargo: The challenge today’s organizations are facing today is the explosion and expansion of content and how to keep up with this exponential data growth which has become an inevitable part of doing business.

To face this reality, organizations must implement technology solutions that not only manage content, but integrate with business operations to deliver the greatest benefit to the business while maintaining information governance and reducing risk.

Paragon specializes in implementing Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions that help companies build information management strategies and implement technologies to effectively capture, store, manage, preserve, secure, deliver, analyze and use essential information and content.

The essential components of an EIM solution, such as Intelligent Content Capture, Information Governance, Digital Document Management and Information Insights, empower enterprises to balance innovation and business needs, rapidly integrate acquisitions, modernize core platforms, reduce compliance risk, and improve total cost of ownership across regulated and non-regulated processes.

Paragon’s communications, financial services, insurance and life sciences domain experts develop solutions that apply EMC technologies to meet specific business use cases and achieve better business outcomes for the client. And, as organizations consider whether or not they should move content to the cloud, Paragon helps firms evaluate their individual business situations to determine the best approach given cost, access, performance and security needs.

Tell us about the latest trends in the EMC information management landscape?

11.17.file.shareremediation.jpgDoug Vargo: Businesses often fall into the trap of maintaining legacy systems that provide little value to the organization, having been replaced or superseded by newer and more efficient systems. Associated maintenance expenses include licensing, server, environmental and administrative costs.

Paragon works with firms to implement an enterprise archive strategy built on EMC’s InfoArchive platform to archive sensitive data from these systems and enable them to be  decommissioned, eliminating the costs associated with maintaining them. An active archive technology can also alleviate data bloat and free up performance resources to streamline applications.

Paragon assists organizations in developing fully digital processes that dramatically reduce costs and cycle time by enabling rules based technologies like business process management to automate manual, error prone human tasks.

By digitizing content early in the business process, organizations can improve control and governance over information, applying record specific rules and rights management to improve compliance and security. This has been an area of focus in the financial services and insurance sectors, where Paragon has implemented solutions developed on Captiva and Documentum xCP to help some of the leading wealth management; global insurance and banking institutions improve operations by transforming content and processes through digital automation.

As firms strive to deliver customer centric client experiences, Paragon’s EMC xPression-based solutions speed new account opening and insurance enrollment, increase communication through personalized statements, and achieve compliance for government mandates, such as the delivery and reporting of insurance Explanation of Benefits and Summary of Benefits and Coverage statements.

Paragon is also well versed in the implementation of EMC Document Sciences xPression Documentum Edition, which leverages enterprise content stored in Documentum to generate personalized correspondence, rich HTML e-mail, dynamic marketing material, and relationship statements.

How has EMC responded to escalating information management demands?

10.27.EMC.jpgDoug Vargo: EMC has responded to the overwhelming growth of information organizations must contend with by providing next-generation, cloud-based technologies and options for their customers focusing on ECM and related Information Management capabilities.

For example, Paragon works with organizations to implement EMC’s D2 Platform, the advanced, intuitive, and configurable content-centric client for EMC Documentum, both on premise and MSOD (Managed Services on Demand) in the cloud. EMC’s D2 ECM technology offers a highly intuitive and personalized user experience that makes knowledge workers more productive, reduces training costs, and accelerates user adoption of ECM applications. A necessity for digital enterprises today, automated document control ensures compliance with content governance policies.  Following the implementation, Paragon provides change management services to ensure a successful transition to the new environment.

Several of Paragon’s solutions are certified by EMC. Could you please elaborate?

Doug Vargo: Paragon’s  investment in developing solutions built on the EMC product suite has resulted in the company  receiving significant recognition from EMC including eight solutions on that have achieved the EMC Certified Solution designation.

Paragon Solutions is a leader in designing solutions that enable firms to benefit from EMC Captiva’s  intelligent enterprise capture capabilities.  Unlike traditional back-office capture systems, today’s enterprises require the ability to capture documents throughout the enterprise, from knowledge workers, mobile devices, and dedicated mailroom environments.  Captiva  connects content from documents to business systems. Auto-classification and data extraction tools transform documents into actionable business data, saving money and raising productivity. Our information management experts work very closely across multiple industries and markets to help organizations implement and benefit from Captiva’s innovative, business-critical functionality and support.

Additionally, Paragon has deep expertise with archive solutions. Paragon’s repeatable framework methodology for archiving strategies and implementing EMC’s InfoArchive solution, for example, encompasses a complete program. This program helps organizations establish a scalable archiving architecture, ensure long-term compliance of data, align records and legal policies to archived content, and decommission legacy systems.

Paragon’s latest solution, Scan to Archive, takes this premise further by enabling content to be digitally captured with EMC Captiva and immediately stored in an archive system built on InfoArchive to provide easy and compliant access, search, content view, retention policies, reporting and analytics.

Life Science firms face huge costs and rigorous regulatory requirements when bringing products to market.  Developing promotional content, which is relevant and medically and legally approved, to support these products also requires a significant investment of time and money.   These campaigns are often large in scale and involve waves of information in a multitude of formats which need to be shared globally and accessed by various partner agencies in real time.  In response, Paragon has developed (add promo materials management info)

Even the most competent of organizations tend to face market competition. What are the strategies employed by Paragon to thwart this competition, and what, according to you, are the company’s key differentiating factors?

Doug Vargo: Paragon’s deep industry knowledge and expertise offers a unique ability to understand clients’ needs, and the company partners with clients to develop innovative solutions that solve their business problems. Additionally, we recognize the value of staying innovative and keeping current with the escalating, leading-edge digital technologies currently reshaping the way business gets done in today’s asset-driven, compliance-focused landscape.

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