Since EMC has ended support for ClaimPack, many businesses are looking for an alternative so they can continue to manage claims data. Paragon Medical Claims Solution, an alternative for customers that are using the now-defunct EMC ClaimPack, is one option. It runs on the Dispatcher product, which is also produced by EMC.

Migrate Claims Processing with Our ClaimPack Conversion Kit

The ClaimPack Conversion Kit for Medical Claims is a conversion solution that will enable users to enjoy all the capabilities in ClaimPack. The solution uses EMC’s Dispatcher product, which is part of EMC’s Captiva product collection. It combines advanced capabilities from Dispatcher and ClaimPack along with new capabilities. These add-ons include black form processing and business analytics, which were not part of ClaimPack.

Continue to Automate Claims Data Processing

The Conversion Kit for Medical Claims helps healthcare companies automate the process of capturing, categorizing, validating, and extracting claims data. The solution enables companies to capture UB04 and CMS 1500 forms using Dispatcher while delivering the legacy claims processing solution for adjudication. These documents include black UB and CMS forms, where the background is not dropped out, and intelligent recognition of additional documents received along with the claim. The solution also produces 837 file output which can be fed to claims adjudication systems. It includes predefined lookups and a data dictionary detailing standardized medical procedure and diagnostic codes.

When you procure the ClaimPack Conversion Kit for Medical Claims, you can move to an EMC-support product that will ensure continued enhancements and support. This smooth transition enables your company to transition medical claims processing operations with a solution built by a partner that has experience with EMC products.