EMC’s Captiva software is designed for processing information and capturing data from both digital and paper sources, as well as a variety of related information management and storage features that enhance workflow in the Microsoft, Documentum, IBM or Open Text environment. EMC has greatly improved its Captiva software with extensive updates in its latest version, EMC Captiva 7.0, offering customers a number of reasons to upgrade. This product family was already known as an industry leader in intelligent enterprise capture solutions, and is well known in the business community. Since many enterprises already have the previous version, or another type of method for capturing and working with documents, some people may wonder whether there is a need to upgrade. With the extensive list of new features, though, it’s easy to see that it’s worth the effort. Just consider some of the reasons why enterprises should upgrade or make the switch to EMC Captiva 7.0:

Cloud Computing Technology Updates

The new version of EMC Captiva has moved to the cloud, simplifying and streamlining the deployment process and reducing the costs associated with software and application management. Cloud computing, which supports storage of applications and files over the Internet, can be hugely beneficial in terms of budget and productivity. EMC Captiva 7.0 enables increased storage efficiency, faster application performance, faster backup times, faster recovery times and more.

Global Enterprise Capture Upgrades

The new version of EMC Captiva enables global information capture and processing, whether for single or double byte languages, regardless of the location of any clients or servers. The upgraded version can support Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese (Simplified), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Russian.

Improved Performance and Accessibility

The new document classification tools in EMC Captiva 7.0 include support for structured, semi-structured and unstructured document types, including applications, forms, tax returns, purchase orders, policies, invoices, notes and contracts. The updated version eliminates the need to prepare documents manually with sorting tools for analysis, hand writing, images, full-page documents, precision anchors and text-based documents, even when working with documents of varying sizes and layouts. Users can still choose manual setup options, though, for cases such as collecting documents, creating extraction zones, setting up templates, testing projects and more.

New and Improved User Interface

The Captiva Desktop is new and improved for version 7.0, now featuring a unified operator user interface that enables higher workplace productivity and improved design flexibility. It also features new functionalities, controls, repair features at character and field levels and editing tools such as error messages, flags and tips, all leading to a more productive, connected and adaptable interface.

Time and Money-Saving Deployment Tools

With the new unified development tool - Captiva Capture Designer – EMC is making the process of capture projects development, testing and deployment more streamlined and simplified . This helps organizations reduce their project life cycle time and save money.

The new deployment tools are also easier to use and more pleasant to look at, with intuitively designed graphical images rather than pages of text and code to sift through. In addition to streamlined and simplified design tools, the new version also supports a multi-user environment and offline development usage, in addition to a number of other processing tools to simplify deployment and streamline practices to cut costs.

Even before all these updates, EMC Captiva was known as a leader in input management software, which is why many enterprises already rely on it. This family of technology is currently being used by some of the top companies in the business process outsourcing, insurance, financial services and manufacturing industries, by the government and among many other complex types of organizations. The new features in version 7.0 make it well worth the upgrade, whatever industry you’re in. Whether your organization is interested in implementing EMC Captiva for the first time or upgrading your current software system, the best way to go about the transition is with the guidance of an experienced consultant. Upgrading to EMC Captiva 7.0 ensures an accurate, automatic, fast and efficient system for managing documents from the Internet, faxed forms, paper forms, scanned forms and XML data.