You do not want to miss, “Improving Project Delivery through Advanced Resource Management,” an upcoming webinar about supplanting internal resources without sacrificing value and efficiency. Geoff Lewis and James Dunleavy, the Director of Life Sciences Advisory Services and Director of Sales, respectively, for advisory consulting and systems integration firm Paragon Solutions, will give this complimentary, 45-minute webinar on Wednesday, February 19, 2014 at 2:00 p.m. EST or 11:00 a.m. PST, followed by a 15-minute Q&A session.

What You’ll Learn If You Attend

improving.project.deliveryOptimizing program delivery and utilizing external resources is vital in the modern economy, where global pressures force enterprises to maintain increasingly varied and complex staffing and outsourcing models. Understanding how this alternative to the traditional staffing model can positively impact your organization is the first step toward embracing progress and innovation in the face of challenging economic times. In the hour that it takes to listen to this webinar, you will learn why current resourcing and staffing models don’t serve the needs of most modern businesses and how to drive the delivery and maturity of IT services through more advanced staffing models. As experts in the field, Lewis and Dunleavy are prepared to explain what an optimized human resources and project delivery model looks like, how to identify the key business benefits of such a model, what the necessary steps to implementing and managing this model are and what the latest analytics and methods are for measuring the value of resource and staffing optimization.

What the Studio Model Means

The Studio Model is a system that helps companies bring in the resources they need when they need them, using unconventional alternatives to the traditional staffing model. Many enterprises can’t hire full-time employees and don’t have enough repeat needs to outsource, but this model is designed to bring value back to these businesses with a fresh approach. Utilizing the Studio Model for staffing and resourcing ensures the availability of trained, qualified and trustworthy professionals, which can’t be said of the old system.

Why Outdated Models Don’t Work

There are many problems with outdated staffing/resourcing models in the modern economy. Over time, things like load balancing and splitting human resources across multiple projects become increasingly challenging, but bringing new staff in can be equally problematic when there is excessive downtime and the company is paying for unproductive time. Bringing in contract employees for short-term projects, on the other hand, can be equally problematic when they’re constantly thinking about their next job instead of giving full attention to the current task. Rather than treating people like commodities, as is often the case in the traditional staffing model, the Studio Model reuses resources, balances the load, reduces attrition and increases employee productivity.

Why the Studio Model Matters

It’s getting harder and harder to hire people to perform complex IT work, so whether you’re in pharmaceuticals, telecommunications or any other global industry, you are affected by the challenges of recruiting people and delivering projects. When you don’t have the internal resources to do what you need to do, the traditional solution is to get résumés, bring people in and select someone to hire for the job. Or, if you only need someone for a short period of time, you might turn to a staffing agency to handle it for you. The problem is that these outdated models don’t always ensure that a knowledgeable resource with specific training is working on the tasks at hand, and many companies don’t have the need for full-time staff or contractors. There are other options, though. Paragon Solutions has developed the Studio Model, where the goal is to rely on experts rather than getting the cheapest person to do the job. You need someone who understands your business, industry and culture, and who can deliver with quality and certainty.

Learn more about why the Studio Model matters, and how this model can be structured in your business, by attending the webinar on February 19. Register today and secure your place.