Document_Storage.jpgCRANFORD, NEW JERSEY - Paragon Solutions, an advisory consulting and systems integration firm specializing in enterprise information management, shared insights in a Document Strategy article on the organizations’ struggle today with unstructured data which featured views by Paragon's Douglas Vargo, Vice President, Information Management.

In the article Ignoring Your Unstructured Data Will Hurt Where It Counts, Vargo joined industry experts Forrester Vice President Boris Evelson, former Gartner Vice President Jim Tully and Aberdeen Group Vice President Michael Lock, in sharing perspectives on directions in information management, information governance and data security for today's increasingly digital enterprises. The information management experts discussed approaches in managing structured and unstructured information, an increasing Internet of Things (IoT) focus on end customers during the next 12 months, the promise of big data for today's digital enterprises and the increasing emergence of intelligent, context-driven information. 

One reality punctuated by the Document Strategy article: graduating to such an intelligent, context-driven information environment will not just happen. In addressing best practices for making steps to leverage such an environment, Paragon's Vargo outlined four key steps.

  • Governance: Have properly established information or data governance within your organization, supported by formal stewardship of the policies.
  • Business rules: Context is king so that unstructured information can find where it needs to be used, whether through optical character recognition (OCR) technology or proper tagging. Make sure to automate this process by having pre-defined business rules based on taxonomy or your overall ontology within your organization.
  • Enabling tools: Make sure you have the proper tools to auto-classify information and to be able to search upon information across the board.
  • Change management: Articulate to the staff what they’re accountable for and their roles and responsibilities when it comes to data governance and information management.

Vargo directs Paragon’s Digital Information Management practice, which focuses on ensuring that organizations have effective, pervasive information lifecycle management and governance strategies and technology solutions that apply to the generation, management, use, compliance and disposition of content and data in the enterprise and in the cloud.

Read the Document Strategy article in its entirety here: Ignoring Your Unstructured Data Will Hurt Where It Counts

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