digital.transformation.ready.jpgGiven the constantly evolving nature of technology, digital transformation cannot be a large, one-time investment and initiative.

Rather, to digitally transform means to put organizational and technological foundations in place to foster consistent operational vision and cross-functional efficiency. So says Forrester Research in Digital Transformation In The Age Of The Customer, a late 2015 study that explored the hypotheses that organizations are confused about what constitutes digital transformation - and who should drive it. In conducting in-depth surveys with 193 enterprise business decision-makers, Forrester found that while some enterprises are actively working to transform their organization, processes, and technology in pursuit of a more effective digital business, they still have a lot of room for continued development of organizational capabilities.

So, what does it mean to get digital transformation ready?

To survive in the digital transformation age, enterprises must embrace leading digital strategies and technologies driven to transform collaborative processes and operational efficiencies, as well as drive new levels of customer service. Organizations need a true C-Suite commitment to embrace the digital transformation age, with leadership and direction from CEOs, CIOs and all players in enterprise-wide strategic vision.

Why? A digital enterprise is one that drives technological advancements, embraces new strategies and methods for elevated efficiency and seeks opportunities to capitalize on new business models for growth and expansion. An organization determined to leverage the age of digital transformation is one that seeks to drive digital maturity, invest in digital talent and create new scopes and objectives to construct a vision for continued digital maturity and technological engagement. 

Digital.Transformation.Ready.2016.jpgWhat are three ways to get your organization digital transformation ready?
  • Create Enterprise Goals: What does your organization wish to achieve in its quest for digital evolution? Is your organization currently embracing cloud technologies? Does the Internet of Things mean anything to your organization's plans for growth? By creating measurable goals and developing a roadmap for digital transformation, an enterprise takes the critical first steps in auditing existing technologies, processes and systems with a new level of scrutiny and expectation. A detailed and regular review of internal and external processes will reveal areas of weakness, redundancy and inefficiency - and opportunity for digital transformation. 
  • Secure Digital Partners: In the quest to be a digitally savvy organization, there is a requirement for high-level technological expertise and implementation experience. Businesses today are looking for direction in the best first steps toward a digital transformation journey. However, the success of the journey relies on the effectiveness of planning, as well as the deployment of strategies and technologies critically aligned with existing business processes and future vision. To structure a digital journey comprised of technological understanding and thorough capabilities deployment, an enterprise should seek counsel with digitally savvy partners equipped to deliver the levels of technological expertise, industry understanding and operational accountability required to pave the journey with value.
  • Explore Analytics Insights: In May 2015, a report by the Harvard Business Review, titled DRIVING DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION: NEW SKILLS FOR LEADERS, NEW ROLE FOR THE CIOfound that although 69% of businesses understand the importance of unlocking digital opportunities, 75% are not at all confident that their organization possesses the digital acumen required to excel in the space. Whether it’s the ability to come up with practical solutions for business silos, understanding how information architecture fosters usability or implementing technology platforms to capture real-time insights, identifying gaps in learning and working with skilled partners to achieve this is central to an organization's digital journey commitment. If enterprises are not sure where to start their digital journey, a good place may be with analytics. While mobile and cloud technologies get a lot of notice, when it comes to gaps in digital acumen, it’s all about the data, according to the Harvard Business Review report, which recognizes analytics understanding as extremely critical to the digital journey.

According to Forrester'sThe Digital Business Transformation Playbook, digital technologies empower customers like never before, transforming their relationship with brands and products. To compete in the age of digital efficiency, today's enterprises must transform - achieving new levels of digital operational distinction.

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