a world undergoing digital transformation you will need access to key digital resources on Records Managementand Information Governance in order to stay current on these emerging trends and how to proactively address them in your organization.

As we close out 2016 and begin the New Year it’s a perfect time to refresh our knowledge and to learn more about how digital transformation is affecting Information Governance. All of the following websites below feature free content though several contain additional resources for paid members - take a look!

#1 ARMA International

ARMA International was established in 1955 and is a not-for-profit professional association and the authority on governing information as a strategic asset. ARMA provides educational opportunities, publications, standards, and guidelines covering the principles of Records Management and Information Governance. ARMA features the well-known Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles as well the Information Governance Maturity Model, and the now digital bi-monthly Information Management magazine.


AIIM, was originally established in 1943 as the National Micrographics Association and has since evolved into AIIM, the Association for Information and Image Management. AIIM provides education, market research, certification, and standards for information professionals, focusing on the intersection of people, processes, and information. The AIIM website hosts free webinars every month and has a glossary of Information Management terms.


The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) is a professional organization for the field of effective management of health data and medical records. AHIMA’s primary goal is to provide the knowledge, resources and tools to advance health information professional practice and standards for the delivery of quality healthcare. The Information Governance section of AHIMA provides free materials and resources such as the AHIMA’s Information Governance Adoption Model (IGAM™), an IG Glossary, an IG Annotated Bibliography, and more.

#4 Information Governance Initiative

The Information Governance Initiative (IGI) is a cross-disciplinary consortium and think tank dedicated to advancing the adoption of Information Governance (IG) practices and technologies through research, publishing, events, advocacy and peer-to-peer networking. The IGI is dedicated to the professionalization of IG and have called for the creation of a new kind of information leader called the Chief Information Governance Officer. The IGI produces hands-on educational workshops and executive roundtables each year as well as the IGI Annual Report which has become an industry standard reference guide for organizations benchmarking and building their IG programs.

#5 Information Coalition

The Information Coalition is the newest organization/resource on this list and advances community-driven best practices in enterprise information. The Information Coalition provides collaborative, hands-on resources such as Research, methodologies, and presentations to enable you to best reduce risk and increase the value of your information and processes.

#6 Records Management List Serv

The Records Management List Serv, hosted by the University of Florida, is an email list that sends its subscribers messages. It can also be viewed as an online message board without having to subscribe (which is free). Different than the other websites on this, the list serv provides a unique opportunity for Records Managers and Information Professionals to network, ask questions, provide advice, and share news.


The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) is an independent agency of the United States government charged with preserving and documenting government and historical records and with increasing public access to those documents, which comprise the National Archives. Though focused on federal government records management, NARA features FAQs on Records Management in general, Email management guidelines, Best Practices for the Capture of Social Media Records, and much more.


The Information and Records Management Society (IRMS) based out of the UK is a professional membership association for all those engaged in the management, governance or use of information. The IRMS supports professional development through sharing expertise and promoting all aspects of good information and records management practice. IRMS resources include the IRMS Bulletin, the IRMS Records Retention Wiki, the Records Management Toolkit for Schools, and other Information Guides, Articles, and Papers.


EDRM, now a part of the Duke Law Center for Judicial Studies, creates practical resources to improve e-discovery and information governance. Since 2005 EDRM has delivered leadership, standards, best practices, tools, guides and test data sets to improve electronic discovery and information governance. Member individuals, law firms, corporations and government organizations actively contribute to the direction of EDRM. EDRM features frameworks such as the Information Governance Reference Model as well as Standards, Datasets, and Metrics.

#10 Library of Congress Digital Preservation Resources

The Library of Congress is the official research library serving the United States Congress, the national library of the United States, and the oldest federal cultural institution in America. The mission of the Library of Congress is "to make its resources available and useful to the Congress and the American people and to sustain and preserve a universal collection of knowledge and creativity for future generations." The National Digital Information and Preservation Program (NDIPP), a significant Library program dedicated to preserving the nation's cultural heritage found in digital form, is working to sustain that mission in regards to digital information. The NDIPP of the Library of Congress develops tools, file format specifications, reports, and publications related to digital preservation.

Be sure to add these fantastic resources to your arsenal.

There is a great body of knowledge on Records Management and Information Governance online that goes beyond these resources so let me know if you have any favorites not on this list!

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