In 2017, business competencies and best practices must pivot to take strategic advantage of digital technologies for everything from information governance to data management. Are you ready to embrace digital disruption? are five key reasons digital disruption is important for your business.
  1. Digital technologies are rapidly evolving the way we work. From smartphones and tablets to Internet of Things devices, the way business gets done is changing fast. Today, organizations must think about the most efficient ways to find the right information, at the right time for the right person – on any device, 24/7.
  2. To create a sustainable digital culture, more business leaders are embedding digital skills, knowledge, processes, and technologies within their firms and must adapt the culture as the world around them continues to evolve. 
  3. In response to extreme pressure to adapt business models and to develop enterprise-wide digital transformation pathways, businesses are automating manual processes and increasing collaborative capabilities. Why? Organizations are feeling limited by aging, costly legacy systems and operating models.
  4. Many organizations are facing massive pressure to comply with regulations and rules that apply to multinational, public companies generating vast volumes of data from multiple applications. Through implementing a digital archive program, organizations can better manage the exponential growth of information in a complaint fashion while reducing regulatory exposure and maintaining governance.
  5. Right now, insurance companies are deploying process automation software to improve operational efficiency around claims, customer service and enrollment and membership. The insurance industry is not alone. Companies in all markets are recognizing it is the age of the digital customer – and how to best serve the digitally-minded consumer by deploying transformative customer experience strategies. Digital Disruption

Businesses in 2017 must shift organizational structures to uphold a digital strategy supportive of enterprise growth and expanding top-line revenue.

Information governance, customer experience, decommissioning legacy applications and more are digital disruption initiatives driving the insurance market in 2017. Are you ready?

What Is Digital Disruption Doing to the Insurance Market?

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