DIA 2013, this year’s installment of the annual conference put on by the Drug Information Association, is looking to be bigger and better than ever. There will be more than 7,000 attendees and more than 450 exhibitors taking part in this conference, plus more than 250 educational offerings separated into 22 tracks over four days. With so many opportunities to learn and network, all professionals from the biotechnology, medical devices, pharmaceuticals and related industries are advised to attend in order to strengthen their understanding of all the disciplines within these related industries and better serve the health community with innovation for the future.

A Bit of Background About DIA

The Drug Information Association was founded in 1964 as an assembly of 30 professionals from the pharmaceutical industry and academia. The association evolved in 1979, when Thomas W. Teal took over as Executive Director, and made many changes that helped DIA become more like what it is today. Now, it is an international association with more than 18,000 members from many different disciplines in more than 80 different nations across the globe. DIA has become known as the leading forum for global exchanges of information, knowledge and understanding with a goal of improving the world’s overall health and wellbeing.

This Year’s DIA Conference

The 49th DIA conference will be the biggest multidisciplinary event of its kind, where industry professionals from all disciplines and at all levels convene to discuss the latest innovations and horizons of medical product life cycle management, discovery and development. There will be 144 sessions, 66 forums, 30 symposiums, 21 workshops, 20 tutorials and one keynote speaker. The conference will take place from Sunday, June 23rd to Thursday, June 27th.

One highly anticipated speaker at the event is Paragon Solutions’ Jamie O’Keefe, who will be discussing “When and How to Leverage Cloud Technology Into Your Clinical Architecture.” This session will be part of a community showcase about Achieving Innovative Technology Results on June 25 from 10:15 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. As the Chair of this session, Jamie O’Keefe will be talking about how to manage risks when leveraging cloud technology and using SaaS throughout the clinical architecture of a company. O’Keefe is the Clinical and Regulatory Optimization Director at Paragon Solutions, Inc., and well versed in a range of information technology issues. This showcase will also include a talk by Jim Schweitzer on “Reducing Business Risk While Remaining Compliant With SaaS Solutions.” Schweitzer is the Commercial Technology Services Director for U.S.-based Vision Point Systems.

The keynote address is always highly anticipated, as well, which is no surprise. The 8:30 a.m. address will kick off a big day of sessions, forums, symposiums, tutorials and workshops on Monday, June 24. This year’s keynote speaker will be Daniel Kraft, MD, who is known as an entrepreneur, innovator, inventor and most importantly, physician and scientist, with training from Stanford and Harvard after an undergraduate degree from Brown University. After more than two decades as a clinical physician, biomedical researcher and all-around trendsetter in the healthcare industry, Kraft has achieved many prestigious professional accomplishments, such as becoming the executive director for FutureMed, where he is responsible for exploring the possibilities of technology in healthcare and biomedicine, and chairing the Medicine track at Singularity University. He has been widely published in the most respected medical and scientific journals, is responsible for multiple medical patents and has held faculty positions in prestigious academic programs. Many attendees are looking forward to hearing him speak about his latest projects, including the invention of the MarrowMiner device for minimally invasive marrow harvesting, the founding of RegenMed Systems for the development of stem cell therapy technologies, and the founding of IntelliMedicine, which strives to improve, connect and integrate personalized medicine with improved data accessibility.

There are many more exciting speakers at this year’s DIA conference. With more than 250 educational offerings over four days, there will be something for everyone.

We would like to hear from you. Let us know if you plan to attend DIA 2013, what sessions you are planning to sit in on and if you will be stopping by to see Mr. O'Keefe's session.