Documentum D2 4.1, the latest upgrade to EMC Documentum D2, has many exciting new features compared to the previous edition of this popular enterprise content management platform. If your organization is looking to take its content management systems to the next level, this Documentum upgrade could be just the solution you’re looking for. This new upgrade to the latest version of Documentum, a trusted software product that was originally developed in 1990, offers a host of benefits compared to previous editions that make the upgrade well worth the effort. Fortunately, it really doesn’t take much effort to make this upgrade, so if you haven’t yet, you should be wondering why by the end of this article.

What Made 4.0 Unique?

The document upgrade to D2 4.0 was already an exciting transition. Documentum D2 4.0 utilized GWT/GXT technology, which was a big change from preceding versions. The creators of Documentum D2 already provided a rich set of features and user-friendly format that made it easy to build new enterprise content management applications. Version 4.0 took things to a new level with additional features, a new upgrade path, changes to the architecture and more. This version did not include all the features that were possible, as the technology was so new, which left many wondering when 4.1 would be released shortly after the release of 4.0. With the recent release of D2 4.1, the software designers at EMC looked to previous versions of the platform for inspiration when creating the features, and sought to reach for new solutions that benefit enterprise users.

The Benefits of Version 4.1

The team at EMC had two goals in mind when they created Documentum D2 4.1. Those were to make the features as similar as possible to version 3.1, which was known for user friendliness, and also prepare users for new solutions being developed and set to be released in the future. For example, the designers built additional supports for Syncplicity Connector, which only made sense considering that EMC acquired Syncplicity in 2012. These additional supports make it possible to synchronize and exchange enterprise content with other users regardless of whether they are in the firewall or out of it. New levels of support for Information Rights Management applications were also built into 4.1, providing top-level protection for all content, regardless of where it is accessed. Other benefits include enhanced communication capabilities for interactions between internal widgets and D2 widgets, several additional applications in the Events Hub and changes to the architecture that improve the client-side experience, particularly for large group settings, and access to oversized folders of data. And best of all, the Documentum upgrade to version 4.1 is exceedingly simple.

New Features at a Glance

The long list of brand new features is the most exciting aspect of the D2 4.1 upgrade. Here are the most talked-about features included in this new version:

  • Advanced Search Features
  • Administration Node
  • Audit Trail Improvements
  • Client-Side Data Validation
  • Customizable Menus
  • Distributed Administration
  • Distributions for Acknowledgements and Quick Flows
  • Document Containment
  • Drag and Drop Features
  • Enhanced Supports for Electronic Signatures
  • Improved Readability
  • Native Annotations
  • Properties Support Enhancements
  • Virtual Document Support
  • Workflow Improvements

This long list of features still doesn’t include every change that the designers made to Documentum D2 for version 4.1. The new version also includes a host of features that enable better communication and collaboration. These include collaboration rooms, “comments” widgets, discussion forums, project spaces and other media features that help people communicate and work together more seamlessly than before. As you can see, there are numerous reasons to upgrade to EMC Documentum D2 4.1. If you haven’t made the upgrade yet, you should be asking yourself why.

Selecting the Best Approach for a Successful Upgrade from EMC DCM to D2