SharePoint.Design.Strategies.2017.jpgParagon's Ty Molchany will present on SharePoint Design at the 2017 Regulatory Submissions, Information, and Document Management Forum (RSIDM). In this Paragon perspective, Ty shares his expertise on optimizing a heroic collaborative space by leveraging SharePoint with key activities. 

Sound Familiar?

  • My search is broken!
  • I don't like adding meta data.
  • My processes are inconsistent!
  • Which folder???
  • We need a more consistent way to organize and tag our documents.
  • Why is everything so buried...four or five clicks away?
  • How do I know I am looking at the most recent version?
  • Everyone is creating folders - our documents are now a dumping ground of old and new versions and it's taking me too long to find what I need.
Findability. Usability. Consistency. Trustworthiness. These are heroic attributes.

These are also the attributes that drive organizations to complete projects within deadlines, leverage the benefits of teamwork and collaboration and push for success for the enterprise. In order to leverage these four heroic attributes of a truly collaborative organization, your team should start with a discovery and understanding of key user needs, aligning and prioritizing identified user needs to key business objectives. This approach will uncover hidden or otherwise unknown pain points, and their root causes - allowing an organization to make informed decisions by analyzing a holistic view of enterprise content usability, navigation and requirements. 

Design.SharePoint.Best.Practices.2017.jpgPlanning an upgrade or migration to a new version of SharePoint? Start by defining what’s critical to the end user

Three activities that are rarely done but add lots of value to ensure good user adoption are performing a thorough Content Inventory, developing User Personas and performing Card Sorting activities.

# 1 - Exploring Content Inventory

Starting with a content inventory provides teams with an initial knowledge mapping of content - exposing strengths and weaknesses - which helps to identify gaps, an understanding of consistencies and tendencies for content, as well as what's current and what can be eliminated. This yields an initial migration mapping and clear understanding of the content to allow for relevant discussions during user persona interviews and initial thoughts on how it could be used in the yet to be determined future state.

millennials.voluntary.benefits.trends.2017-1.jpg# 2 - Creating User Personas

  • How tech savvy are your team members?
  • What collaboration goals are most important to your users?
  • How comfortable are your team members with SharePoint?
  • How does SharePoint fit into your work - what does it do well and what doesn't it do, that you wish it did?

Perhaps the most heroic of exercises in the journey to create the ultimate collaboration space is creating user personas.

Creating personas drive positive interaction with a broad range of users outside of the project team, identifying key user pain points, as well as diverse user requirements. User personas identify user skill levels, patterns of use, as well as define stakeholder outcomes and provide a horizontal and vertical view of how the site is used. 

# 3 - Card Sorting

Card sorting is a critical step in an enterprise's journey to attain a truly heroic collaboration space. It allows the end user to take a holistic review of the organization and the site's primary and supplemental navigation and allows the end user to define the navigation, in the context of how they will work, aligning to key usability requirements for the enterprise.

A Hero Story

SharePoint can deliver organizational best practices by allowing for improved collaboration, gained efficiencies and risk mitigation through repeatable business processes and shared best practices. SharePoint is often described and positioned as a multi-purpose platform. 

SharePoint.Design.Strategies.2017-1.jpgApplying content inventory, user personas and card sorting activities aides greatly in providing business context enablement - pretty heroic, right? 


Did you know Paragon provides the methodology to enable your business in SharePoint? Do you have questions about how to better utilize SharePoint? Let us know in our Leave a Comment section below and Paragon's Ty Molchany will respond!