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Business Intelligence: 8 Enterprise BI Implementation Mindset Tips

By  Paragon Solutions Paragon Solutions  on 2015-09-24 15:41:00  |  Featured in  Communications
Paragon Solutions
Posted By Paragon Solutions
in Communications
on 2015-09-24 15:41:00

BI.Implementation.SuccessBusiness Intelligence (BI) has been the top implementation priority for organizations for a number of years now, and many regard better use of data and analytics to support business decisions as critical.

Yet, making sure that the right data is in the hands of the right person at the right time in the right format remains a challenge for many. What's more, sad stories abound of BI implementation projects that never delivered on their enterprise-wide promise.

So what can today's progressive enterprises do to prevent BI initiatives from failing? 

According to Forrester Research, there is a best practice mindset that distinguishes successful BI projects from those that struggle — or fail to get off the ground entirely. The most successful organizations today are deeply in tune with the latest enterprise business intelligence solutions & consulting trends. However, the shifting demands of today's business technology landscape are not always easy to keep up with.

For many enterprises seeking more effective business intelligence horizons, determing the best technologies and ideal implementation strategies can be difficult to determine. To position for a successful BI implementation experience, keep these eight quick tips from Forrester's Best Practices To Maximize Your Chances Of BI Success in mind.   

  1. Put the "business" back into BI.
  2. Recognize agility is not an option - it’s a necessity.
  3. Understand all potential pitfalls in order to avoid them.
  4. Put in place a solid foundation for BI success.
  5. Align with clearly defined business goals for BI success.
  6. Encourage executives to maintain accountability.
  7. Embrace the reality that traditional software development methods aren’t suitable for most BI initiatives — support the agile enterprise.
  8. Realize BI is as much about change management and training as it is about technology.

BI.implementation.tipsEnsuring success of corporate change initiatives to deliver BI implementation success requires a structured approach that combines best practices with proven methodologies to help organizations navigate from the current state environment to the desired future state vision - creating a change-capable organization.

Whether making decisions on business process, infrastructure, technology or any other aspect of business intelligence and analytics programs, the most successful organizations are inspired by value above all else. This means building and implementing the most promising solutions as quickly as possible, without sacrificing durability, flexibility, scalability and value that can be maintained well into the future. 

Enterprises that react to changes in the market with abrupt and reactionary decisions are unlikely to have a long and successful life in their industry. The most successful organizations have business intelligence and analytics solutions embedded into every aspect of their processes and operations, including key performance indicators, reporting processes, statistics solutions, technology tools and more. This allows an enterprise to predict the behavior of their target consumer market and better predict future trends that may affect their industry, the economy, local markets and more.

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