Digital.Transformation.Culture.2016.jpgParagon's Erik Raper shares perspectives on the strategies, technologies and practices impacting enterprise digital transformation today. 

Let's talk about your digital culture.

There are an ever-increasing volume of articles, surveys, studies, reports and webinars focused on the digital transformation impacting businesses in all markets today. So many opinions. So many dialogs. So many views on where digital transformation is today - and where it is leading competitive business growth across all industries.

And then there are the questions...
  • How do we execute digital transformation?
  • What are the critical tasks, best practices and core operational functions of our enterprise that would benefit most from digital transformation?
  • What is the level of enterprise engagement in changing our ways to adopt and support digital transformation?
  • Is digital transformation a directive we must target now?
  • Is digital transformation a mandate?
  • How do we shift our people to get behind digital transformation?
  • Is our culture ready to be digitally transformed? 
Sustainable Digital Culture

To create a sustainable digital culture, business leaders must embed digital skills, knowledge, processes, and technologies within their firms and must reinforce and adapt the culture as the world around them continues to evolve. 

According to the recent report Sustain A Digital Culture by global research firm Forrester, embracing agility and learning to be truly cross-functional are keys to building a sustainable digital culture.

According to Forrester, the most digitally aware enterprise leaders are realizing that cultural and organizational transformation will dominate their agenda for years to come.

Digital.Transformation.Culture.Trends.2016.jpgWhy? Emerging business models will not function based on old organizational and operational structures, rooted in a support for traditional innovation approaches, techniques and investments. 

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To establish a digital transformation, leaders need to do exactly what their titles suggest. Lead boldly with enthusiasm, caution and openness to endorsing new digital initiatives. It's crucial for enterprise leadership to be the champions of digital change, recognizing digital transformation is not a one-time project, but, rather, a long-term initiative to positioning the enteprise for greater operational efficiency, customer engagement and strong market growth.

Remember going digital is a transformation - not a journey! There is no ultimate destination to digital transformation.

Digital transformation is an evolving, expanding initiative robust with best practice evaluation, new technology initiatives, change management strategies, information management improvements and customer relationship management refinement - all of which depend upon the endorsement of enterprise culture.  

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