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By  Paragon Solutions Paragon Solutions  on 2012-07-31 13:47:00  |  Featured in  Communications
Paragon Solutions
Posted By Paragon Solutions
in Communications
on 2012-07-31 13:47:00

Remember, the point of walking through the everything spreadsheet is to show the ease of accessing all and any data and the point of Big Data Jujitsu is to not waste time and money on asking just any question nor every question but instead to start with the three questions that if answered most change your business outcomes.

7. Just like the Everything Spreadsheet, Big Data delivers not only the ability to access and manipulate raw data, but also the ability to perform calculations and functions across data elements and dimensions.

For example, click on the cell to the right and select “Average” or any other function.

Caution: Legacy Reports & Reporting & Analysis

Big Data means change. Migrating current reports, formulas and even models to big data technologies and methods may be a complete waste of money, effort and time to. Daily, weekly, monthly summary reports, KPI’s, formulas, segmentations and other metrics must be reviewed for their usefulness and impact to change (D) outcomes. Big Data technologies ability to provide alerts and insights on a more frequent or even constant basis justifies cataloging and monetizing current analytic assets prior to migration to a big data solution. We recommend performing an Analytic Asset Inventory to assess current audience needs, outcome areas and current and potential analytic content prior to deploying a big data implementation.

8. The “Big” Big Data promise goes beyond access to everything by liberating access to data inside and outside a company’s walls combined with advanced calculation, modeling, simulation, visualization and rules capabilities. As an example, the value of our simple Everything Spreadsheet may grow exponentially when a business manager uses Big Data to calculate the uses Total Consumption Theory combined with research and development to calculate projected car sales across all manufacturers. The value of Big Data to that manager is to ‘ask anything.’

The value is in the question not the big data

So the jujitsu, the “art”, is in asking the question that affects change –change to business outcomes. The value of Big Data should be measured by the potential and actual changes in specific outcomes versus the expected outcomes without the Big Data insights. The value of knowing and acting versus not knowing.

Again, using the Big Data Everything Spreadsheet, you can see how formulas and functions applied to big data (internal and external) can be used to create some highly innovative information scenarios. Scenarios where information, observed, massaged, calculated and passed to managers or from machine to machine may be used to orchestrate better outcomes at every decision point and contact within a system – a customer system and even a network of systems constantly optimizing for weather, traffic flow, customer visits, manufacturing, supply chain, investments, political climate…everything.

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