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Attributes of Organizations with Fruitful BI & Analytics Activities

By  Erik Raper Erik Raper  on 2014-06-03 04:29:00  |  Featured in  Financial Services
Erik Raper
Posted By Erik Raper
in Financial Services
on 2014-06-03 04:29:00

The most successful organizations in this day and age are in tune with the latest enterprise business intelligence (BI) solutions & consulting trends. The shifting demands of the market aren’t always easy to keep up with, though. With competing goals and increasingly complex demands from the market, it can be difficult to determine the best activities to help streamline business intelligence and analytics activities to enhance collaboration, innovation, efficiency and productivity throughout the organization. That’s why growing businesses should take the time to learn from the experts and see what the most successful enterprises are doing. Organizations with fruitful business intelligence and analytics programs share some common attributes that lead to their success, which business and IT professionals across the globe can learn from. These are a few BI & analytics attributes that any growing organization ought to work on emulating:

Ability to Pull the Trigger

At a certain point, you have to take things from development to implementation in order to pull off a successful business intelligence and analytics campaign. While there are sure to be plenty of “idea men” around, if these great concepts are never fully realized with proper planning and strategy, they won’t be worth a thing.

Decisions are Driven by Value

Whether making decisions on business process, infrastructure, technology or any other aspect of business intelligence and analytics programs, the most successful organizations are inspired by value above all else. This means building and implementing the most promising solutions as quickly as possible, without sacrificing durability, flexibility, scalability and value that can be maintained well into the future.

Focus on the Whole Organization

The most successful organizations also instill the values of their enterprise business intelligence (BI) solutions & consulting efforts across the entire organization, rather than keeping these analytics and insights tightly controlled in one executive level. With more voices, experiences, knowledge resources and points of view at the table, there is sure to be more innovation and productivity in a company’s BI and analytics endeavors.

High Quality Data

When choosing the right BI tools and solutions, successful organizations are able to maintain the quality of their data and the agility of their visual discovery platforms with a detailed roadmap for achieving their critical goals. They have the right data at their fingertips at the right time and never allow their master data to become contaminated in any way.

They Get the Structure Right

In order to have a successful business intelligence and analytics program, it’s important to understand that it isn’t only the domain of the IT department or only a concern of the executive leadership in the business. With a collaboration from the IT and business operations sides, organizations can develop much stronger BI solutions and analytics programs that get results. Both sides must be involved to be as fruitful as possible.

They Respond with Logic and Measure

Businesses that react to changes in the market with abrupt and reactionary decisions are unlikely to have a long and successful life in their industry, whatever that industry may be. The goal of your BI & analytics program should be to plan ahead and stay ahead of any curves in the market with the right tools and solutions for all the possible challenges to come.

Variety of Enterprise Solutions

The most successful organizations have business intelligence and analytics solutions embedded into every aspect of their processes and operations, including key performance indicators, reporting processes, statistics solutions, technology tools and more. This allows an enterprise to predict the behavior of their target consumer market and better predict future trends that may affect their industry, the economy, local markets and more.

Erik Raper

Erik Raper

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Erik Raper heads Paragon’s Marketing and Advisory Services teams across focused industries. In this role, Mr. Raper leads his team to bring deep industry experience, rigorous analytical capabilities and a pragmatic mindset to clients’ most complex business problems. Mr. Raper’s team of marketing and strategy professionals work with Paragon’s Industry Leaders in the development of key go-to-market solutions which align to Paragon strengths and are essential to achieving clients’ business imperatives.

Before being appointed to his current position, Mr. Raper has served several key roles at Paragon including Director of Strategic Solutions Sales, Vice President of Strategy, and leader of Advisory Services. Mr. Raper guided the development of a suite of straight-through-processing (STP) solutions that focused on delivering business value–expanding Paragon’s Fortune 500 clientele and establishing the foundation for the firm’s brand platform: "Improving the Way Work Gets Done."

Prior to his appointment at Paragon in 2004, Mr. Raper spent seven years with Prudential Financial. As a vice president, he was instrumental in leading Prudential through a major operations and technology re-engineering in support of the company’s initial public offering. Preceding his employment with Prudential, he spent seven years with AT&T in various Marketing and Strategic Planning positions.

Mr. Raper holds a B.A. in Marketing from Columbus University, Metairie, Louisiana.

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