Agile.Software.Development.jpgAs 2016 comes into view, organizations are looking gain velocity with best practices positioned to enable collaborative environments where diverse teams can continuously learn, improve, grow and produce.

Agile software development and Agile 2016 initiatives are underway at many leading digital enterprises - the realization that your enterprise may be better with an agile methodology is now very real.  

Today’s massive enterprises are in a continual push to be leading-edge digital enterprises. They realize that approaching business development in an Agile manner allows the savvy enterprise to maneuver meeting and exceeding user demands.  The changes in software development cycles necessitate building a more customer-centric legacy.

In a report released in July 2015, the research firm Gartner not only strongly recommended adopting agile, but offered CIOs several principles they can follow and adopt to create agile environments. 

Why? According to Gartner, agile development is seen as a way for CIOs adjust to a new way of doing business, and Gartner believes IT leaders and executives need to adopt this approach as quickly as possible. 

As more enterprises are looking to deploy cloud-based services in order to enhance their IT experience, the prospect of going agile is growing increasingly valuable. While reinventing an organization for success in an agile landscape may seem initially daunting, the benefits of adopting agile can be meteoric for organizations looking to increase productivity, elevate software quality and experience the joy of happy customers.