A-Look-into-the-EventIn looking at the agenda for this year’s CBI Gross-to-Net Accounting and Accruals Summit, I find myself feeling a certain sense of pride in my fellow Gross-to-Net community. We’ve come a long way from a couple of years ago, when Gross-to-Net (GTN) conferences were lacking diversity and even detail within the agenda, as well as a void in things like interactive sessions (in which folks actually interact!) and technology demonstrations.

I’m impressed by some of the more detailed topics that are being addressed, including but not limited to:

  • Managed Medicaid liability
  • Part D and Coverage Gap
  • Coupon and vouchers
  • Loss of Exclusivity
  • New product launches
  • And, Healthcare Reform

Impact of Healthcare Reform on GTN

One thing I’m particularly anticipating is the Government Channel Forecasting Pre-Conference Summit on Wednesday, the 19th. As we get closer to the AMP final ruling, the chatter on the topic of Healthcare Reform, and especially Medicaid expansion and Federal programs, is getting louder, and it seems more and more manufacturers are implementing teams and/or ‘task forces’ within their organizations to either start planning or continue to plan for the proposed rule to come into effect.

Having a strong understanding of the proposed rule itself, as well as what the business implications of the rule are, is an integral part of readiness for this ruling. To ensure you have all of the most current and accurate information on the ruling, as well as its business implications, pre-register for our webcast, "The Insider's Guide to the AMP Final Rule:Breaking Down the Rule and Its Business Implications".

Coverage Gap Accrual and Forecasting

Another topic that is definitely not new to attendee chatter at recent GTN conferences, but has been rather absent from presentations, is Coverage Gap. Everything from operations to forecasting and accruing for 

Coverage Gap has been high up on attendees’ lists recently, and while many questions are circulating, not many answers have been. Hopefully, at this year’s event, we can get the answers, or at least the insight, that we’ve been so anxious for.

For more information on Coverage Gap, watch our webcast "Practical Solutions for Managing the Coverage Gap Discount Program".

Returns and Inventory Activity

At last year’s event, returns and inventory forecasting and accruals prompted big questions from the group. Sounded like folks were curious as to what other organizations were doing, if they were using and what type of third-party data was used, etc. Having the ability to learn from an existing, working model seemed to be high on the want list, and it looks like this year, we’re going to get it. Let’s exchange ideas, working models and lessons learned, in an attempt to get our heads around how to more accurately forecast for things like returns, inventory (pipeline) and even Loss of Exclusivity for our products.

All in all, we should all be looking forward to an exciting, informative and interactive event. My suggestion to you: bring your thirst for learning and a participatory attitude. See you there!

The Insider's Guide to the AMP Final Rule