By now you may have heard about the Documentum D2 4.2 release last week. This is a great release with a lot of new D2 features that I really like:

1. Subscriptions: Very important feature that has been missing. In addition to getting notifications when a document or folder has changed, you can subscribe to specific events.

2. Intelligent URLS: D2 now provides direct URL links to documents and folders, but I really like that users can create a browser bookmark that locates a saved search and executes it. This is a great way for power users to check up on a set of documents on a regular basis.

3. Email documents as a link or attachment: Combined with the intelligent URLS, this feature makes email and D2 work together very nicely. This is a great way to have external review of documents.

4. Embedded PDF viewer: I like to set up a workspace view that provides a query and document list on the left side and then a PDF viewer on the right. When users are scanning through all their documents, they can view and print them very quickly (and users don’t need to close opened documents either). This feature also helps process tasks quickly with fewer mouse clicks.

5. Workspace Enhancements: Users now have the ability to add tabs to the panes in the workspaces. This makes it great for casual users to have a simple user interface with basic widgets, while allowing advanced users to personalize a more complex user interface specific to their business needs and common tasks.

6. iPad Support: The Safari browser on Apple iPads is supported. I have suggested that a special workspace be created for iPad users. This is an area where some custom widgets may work better on the iPad to take advantage of the mobile layouts.

All these features (and more!) are great by themselves, but when you combine and wrap them into a D2 deployment, the end user really gains a lot of usability:

  • Salespeople in the field are notified of a product change and they can view the document in the email or click a link and see the metadata changes from their iPad.
  • Quality Control people who have to review the first page of all documents can do so quickly with the new workspace configurations and embedded PDF viewer.
  • Each user can automatically start D2 in their folder or with a list of recently updated documents in their department.