If you can become a data governance expert, you hold the keys to impressing your boss and bringing your company to new heights of success. Data management is an essential part of the modern business landscape, entailing all the corporate information practices that make sure data is kept accurate, consistent, well-protected, easily accessible to authorized users and compliant with legal and industry-wide regulations. A data manager can save the company time and money, make corporate practices more efficient and effective and create a more positive work environment overall. Managing data is essentially as important as managing the corporate financial accounts, because data is one of the most precious resources for many modern businesses. Here are ten ways you can help manage your company’s data more effectively to impress your CEO and make your company more valuable:

1. Create a Balanced Governance Plan

The first step to managing your company’s data should be finding a balance between the needs of the consumer and the needs of the business. Show your boss that it’s possible to manage data in a way that boosts profits and productivity while keeping customers happy.

2. Demonstrate the Value of Your Plan

It shouldn’t be difficult to demonstrate the value of this program due to the extremely favorable potential for ROI, especially for companies struggling with big data concerns. It’s your responsibility to present the benefits of your data governance plan so your CEO understands what is at stake.

3. Do Your Homework

Before you can demonstrate the steps of your plan to better manage the company’s data, you will need to do your homework. How are other companies in your industry governing their data? What has worked and what hasn’t? What are the related laws?

4. Strive for 100% Accuracy

Your data program should include mechanisms for analyzing and reviewing data, checking the quality of data, auditing the data on a regular schedule and updating data for accuracy as needed during every point in the data lifecycle.

5. Make Security a Priority

Your company should be able to manage its data in such a way that access to data is limited, security and privacy are highly prioritized, data is routinely analyzed to ensure safety and mechanisms are in place to alert customers immediately if any of their data may have been compromised.

6. Conduct a Data Flow Analysis

This strategic analysis should consider every step of the data lifecycle in order to help your organization maintain more secure, well-protected and accurate information. Be thorough and make sure you know what you’re talking about before making a presentation.

7. Bring in the Experts

Consider recommending data governance consulting if you don’t have the in-house resources to develop a thorough and highly secure governance plan. Impress your boss by bringing in experts with a strong track record for successfully governing data.

8. Keep Integrity High

Make an impression on your CEO with a stellar commitment to maintaining your company’s reputation through compliance with all laws and industry-wide regulations. Make sure mechanisms are in place to ensure legal acquisition and use of all data, and comply with all contractual agreements regarding clients and data sources.

9. Open up Communication Lines

Your plan will be a much bigger success if you keep the lines of communication open and leave room for more team members and consumers to have input about how data is managed in the future. This looks better for the brand and provides a more thorough set of ideas to support future decisions.

10. Make Regular Risk Assessments

Your CEO will definitely want to see that you’re keeping risk to a minimum. Show that you’re managing data with minimal risk and you’ll be a data governance superstar.

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