Webtop_to_D2_Webcast_image_600x338_with_arrow.pngEMC Documentum D2 is the latest version of this respected web-based client, which is known for its foundations in configuration, rather than coding. This web-based client for Documentum focuses on the value of content with a variety of adaptable, intuitive, cutting-edge features.

A document upgrade to D2 can help your organization implement a world of enterprise content management applications at a rapid rate and put an end to your reliance on custom coding to maintain your content systems. Upgrading to D2 will decrease the cost of employee training, help you comply with EMC policies and regulations with ease, improve productivity, provide powerful configuration, make it easier to manage content, reduce the amount of time it takes to deliver content and simplify the entire data management process.

Documentum Webtop to D2 strategy

If you’re still not sure whether a Documentum upgrade is worth the time and investment, just consider these 10 reasons to upgrade to Documentum D2:

1. Advanced and Adaptable Content Capabilities

Some of D2’s most advanced capabilities include auditing, lifecycle and workflow features, which can all be modified to suit the requirements of the specific type of content or user.

2. The Control and Organization of a Spreadsheet

D2’s new configuration tool is structured so it feels like a spreadsheet, enabling greater user control and simpler creation of highly configured documents.

3. Documentum D2 is All About Configurability

Documentum D2 offers a more personalized user experience thanks to its configurable nature. Being able to adapt the system to the specific needs and preferences of individual users and groups helps make the system friendlier to each user. The metadata and import screens for document types are also configurable.

4. Enhanced Configuration Documentation

Documentum D2’s long list of features also includes a tool that produces the specifications for configuration documentation. Documenting processes as much as possible is always a safe bet, so it certainly can’t hurt to be able to document any configuration with such ease.

5. Improved Virtual Document Capabilities

A Documentum upgrade will allow your organization to simplify its processes for creating virtual documents and relations.

6. A New Approach to the User Interface

Rather than the traditional user interface, Documentum D2 takes an approach that is more like a portal, with intuitively designed widgets to guide users to different locations.

7. New Automated Features

D2 offers a variety of features that allow users to automate specific content. This may include naming and numbering features, property inheritance controls, linking systems and more.

8. Simple Adherence to Rules and Regulations

EMC enforces various content policies and rules, but it’s easy to stay on top of all regulations with D2’s instant deployment capabilities for exceedingly configured content requirements.

9. Smarter Content Viewing

Another advantage of upgrading to EMC Documentum D2 is the content viewing capabilities. The upgrade will enable instant content viewing with convenient thumbnail previews to guide you.

10. Stress-Free Search

Performing searches is easy with D2 thanks to its customizable search screens and search forms, enabling both basic and more advanced searches.

The benefits of Documentum D2 don’t end with this list of 10 reasons to upgrade, though. It is also possible to add on extra utilities to this web-based client, which enable an even more advanced set of capabilities. These include a customizable PDF tool that generates perfectly configured documents, a Microsoft Office integration tool and an optional recycle bin. There are also advanced publishing features that can be utilized for both web-based and print-based applications, from the most basic formats to the most technical specifications, with quick and easy-to-use features regardless of the complexity of the job. It’s an excellent tool for managing many different types of content in the digital age.

Selecting the Best Approach for a Successful Upgrade from EMC DCM to D2