5 Ways to Apply SharePoint 2013 for Successful Project Management

5_Ways_to_Apply_SharePoint_2013_for_Successful_Project_Management_-_Paragon_SolutionsEvery organization has a project portfolio; to what degree it is being managed is usually up for debate.  Given the varying levels of project and portfolio management (PPM) maturity within an industry as well as within an organization, where does one start?  

In this webcast, you will gain an understanding of the latest features available within SharePoint 2013 for managing project activities. You will also discover how to establish a foundation for the evolution of your project portfolio management solution going forward. 

Watch this webcast and you can expect to learn:

  • The base project/portfolio management features within SharePoint 2013
  • How to eliminate re-work and additional costs in the future
  • The  necessary components needed to begin planning your PPM solution with confidence

View the Webcast

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